Feasibility Studies

Our staff has completed numerous feasibility studies, ranging in size from small, private work scopes to large-scale city and county jobs. CGI's feasibility studies typically include cost estimates, work plans, regulatory compliance plans, time schedules, site safety plans, and remedial action plans.

CGI's staff adheres to protocols defined by the Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA) and the State of California. Reasonable and effective risk assessment parameter negotiation is a top priority for CGI, which generates thorough and expedient positive results. Since the advent of the updated closure criteria for contaminated sites in the State of California, it has been CGI's goal to determine appropriate result-driven remediation for clients, with an ever-present focus towards site-closure.

programs. our attentive staff works closely with clients to develop site-specific work plans in accordance with guidelines of the relevant Santa Barbara County regulatory agency.


Soil and Groundwater Remediation

CGI has specialized in soil and groundwater remediation since 2000. We provide thorough consultation and remediation review services, as well as remediation design, installation and implementation services. Our staff has experience with implementation of a variety of remediation technologies, including:

Site Characterization Services

CGI's president, a licensed professional geologist, hydrogeologist and engineering geologist, and our experienced staff, are well equipped to conduct site assessment and characterization

  • in-situ soil vapor extraction
  • ex-situ bioremediation
  • low-flow soil vapor extraction
  • groundwater extraction and treatment
  • air sparging
  • multi-phase extraction (MPE)
  • ozone sparging

Phase I ESA's

Campbell Geo, Inc. (CGI) staff are practiced in preparing Phase I Environmental Site Assessment reports on a wide range of property types within Santa Barbara County. Our experience spans small, single parcel residential properties to large multi-parcel industrial properties.

Geologic Hazards Investigation

Our office has extensive experience conducting geologic hazards investigations. We evaluate seismic, slope stability and liquefaction hazards by reviewing in-house and public data sources coupled with site specific observations, borings, and trenches.